Bablito’s facilities meet the highest standards of quality, both in terms of health and technology. In order to avoid any contaminants, the laboratory is equipped with an advanced positive pressure ventilation system, as well as an EPA filtration system isolated from the rest of the building. In addition, all products are sterilized in a transfer airlock before being transported inside the laboratory. In order to eliminate cross-contamination, a peristaltic pump is used for the bottling of e-liquids. In addition, personnel working in the laboratory must wear safety clothing and comply with strict health standards. It should also be noted that our equipment is made of food grade stainless steel, which helps to provide a high quality product. In order to optimize production, Bablito has created an automated production line. Its capacity is today more than 1500 bottles per hour. Its goal is to remain on the lookout for technological innovations to always offer a product that meets the highest expectations.

Our Lab is our pride , from scratch to Certified ISO 9001:2015 we offer the best product quality possible , we have a very detailed lot number identification and we keep trace of all our batch with sampling . We can trace any batch of any year very quick . Also our staff is well trained to work with our amazing CDA France machinery which help us a lot when we need to create high volume ! Below are pictures and video our our lab because images are worth a thousand words ! 

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